What you can gain:

  • Access to an online portal of D&B verified vendors.
  • Invite potential vendors that suits your requirements.
  • Streamline your procurement process with faster turn around time.
  • Get insight into your vendors’ financial health.
  • Keep yourself up-to-date with the current status of your vendors pre-qualification application.
  • For Buyers, it’s FREE!

What is VIA?

Vendor Integrity Access (VIA) is an innovation from Dun & Bradstreet’s current Supplier Information Report Program – where Buyers can ensure that new and existing vendors are evaluated according to risk, financial stability, and business performance thru D&B’s proprietary DUNS Right process.
With the new VIA, Buyers can have the ease of managing their vendors’ pre-qualification application online and invite D&B verified vendors, so you don’t to have waste valuable time worrying about resolving barriers to strategic sourcing and instead bring immediate value and profit to your company’s bottom line.

How to Get Started

Welcome to VIA. Our latest innovation to help businesses, well, get more business. Applying to become a supplier of leading companies in the Philippines just got easier. With everything online, engaging with top companies is just a few keystrokes away. What to do to Get Started.
First off, just one definition you need to know: in VIA, Buyers are Modules and Modules are Buyers. That’s it. Next Step.

Register and Pay

By opening this page means you are already here. Lets start by creating your very own VIA account. Enter your email in the sign-up field. Input your details and hit “Create Account”. A confirmation will be sent through your email so you can proceed.

Login. Fill up more fields. Don’t worry, you only have to do this once. Continue once done.

Choose a Membership Plan. Select a buyer you want to apply for (or not yet, depends on you). Select how you wish to submit your documents (Hint: uploading them on VIA saves you money and time.)

Proceed to checkout and pay via credit card or over-the-counter. Excellent work! On to the next step!

Update your Profile

We’ll be honest. Completing this section is an exercise in patience and finger dexterity.

You only have to do this once (unless something changes in your company details). You don’t have to do this again for next year, or the year after that, or for the next buyer, or for your 15th buyer, or for… well, you get the picture.

So let’s get comfortable and start, shall we? (By the way, if you get tired, you can save what you finished and login later to complete everything)

Enter all applicable fields in the Company Details Tab. The more you fill in, the better your profile will look. So let’s get typing.
After you’re done with Company Details, click on Business Details. This is cakewalk compared to the previous one. Just have your Articles of Incorporation and General Information Sheet ready. We need to be very concise here so be careful to check the information before you save.

This gets easier as we progress. The next tab is Projects. Enter all pertinent information. Just like with the others, this is your chance to show off. So be generous and put as many as you want.

Good Job! We are done with updating the Company Information section. Piano lessons will be so much easier now that you did all that work… wink, wink.

Upload your Documents

This section has two tabs: Your Corporate/ Company Documents; and module specific requirements of our buyers.

This is easy if you already have scanned copies of your documents. If not, well, best have them scanned. In the age of e-commerce and e-everything, this is (almost) a requirement. At least you would have back-up copies.

Hit Upload for every document type. Go through both tabs (Hint: every time you buy new modules, you need to go through the Module Documents to see if your buyer requires something new).

When you’re done, give yourself a pat on the back. I would if I were there.

By the way, you can download your documents as well as upload. When you’re in a tight situation and need your documents in a hurry (like when doing biddings), simply download them or print them through your VIA access.

Whew! Good Job! [APPLAUSE]. That wasn’t so bad. Remember to update your profile for new developments in your organization. Later, Gator.

Sip Coffee. Wait for your application to be completed

Our evaluation process takes a few days. In most cases, we may need to give you a call. Check back from time to time. Otherwise, do what you do best. We will keep you posted if anything comes up.

View your Business in a Global Prespective

You will see you application status in the Subscriptions section. A “Report Uploaded” and “Report Delivered” status means our portion of the evaluation is done. The next step is to make calls. Find out if there is business waiting for you from your buyers. Good luck.

Think. Sip more coffee (or tea)

We just thought with all the work you put in, you deserve a bit of rest. Why not rest while reading something interesting. Not the latest Dan Brown novel, but something far more exciting (at least for us nerdy types). The Business Information Report (BIR).

The BIRs section is another nice feature we included in VIA. You get to see how your company looks like in our global database. This lets you see your world from the lens of a third party.

We want you to get more business. We consider it a huge win when you grow both your local and global customer base. So look through your BIR to get a sense of how to strategize moving forward. Also check back from time to time. We may have new business opportunities for you.

Grow your Business by buying more modules, getting more customers

You can easily buy new modules if you are ready to take on more business. You can do this in the Upgrade Now section.

Here you can upgrade your membership plans (Hint: Higher tiers have more freebies), select as many Buyers as you like, and pay for them online.

Its easier this time around. A few mouse clicks and you’re done.

We hope you enjoy and benefit from the features of VIA. Our life’s purpose is to help you grow your business. We would love to hear success stories from you later down the road.

This is new a new innovation and we don’t have a tagline for it yet. Maybe we can make do with this for now.